Cooperation with Porsche AG

The project partners Porsche AG and WMU GmbH have concluded (15/07/2021) a cooperation agreement for the realization of the project “Joint design of vocational education and training and development of new projects within the framework of PAVE (Porsche Aftersales Vocational Education) and the Porsche Strategy 2030”. Together, the cooperation partners intend to create a “multiple win situation” by bundling (specialist) competences. The objectives of the parties’ global cooperation include the following topics:

  • Design and professionalisation of vocational training processes,
  • Inclusion and expansion of new topics such as environmental education, as well as empowerment of different population and target groups,
  • Conception and development of new programs for “capacity building” in the People’s Republic of China, among others,
  • Conception and design of the PAVE Learning Tools for the expansion and expansion of the PAVE portfolio,
  • Cooperation in teacher qualification,
  • Participate jointly in the further development of the program and Implementation and assurance of a sustainable transfer of education.