Project FiVe – Advanced Technical College in Vietnam

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The project FiVe, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, was launched on 01.01.2015. Key point is the step by step creation of an advanced technical school training course in the field of Electrical Engineering based on German qualifications. The joint project is realized with the project partners ERFURT Bildungszentrum Unternehmensverbund (business association) and Leipzig University (SEPT International Program).


Opening representative office of Magdeburg and WMU GmbH in Harbin

On 07/01/2014 the opening ceremony of the representative office of Magdeburg and WMU GmbH takes place in the newly constructed office building “Harbin International Business Platform” in the business and science center on the north bank of the Songhua River in the presence of Magdeburg Deputy Mayor Mr. Nitsche and Deputy Mayor Mr. JIAO Yuanchao of Harbin.

As a partner of the state capital Magdeburg the WMU GmbH representatitive will perform:

  1. Maintaining contact between the municipalities of Magdeburg and Harbin to support projects and activities
  2. Presentation and marketing of Magdeburg in the Harbin region
  3. Acquisition and preparation of opportunities for cooperation between educational institutions and universities in both cities
  4. Preparation and monitoring of delegation visits and meetings
  5. Processing of inquiries of entrepreneurs from the regions of Magdeburg and Harbin and acquisition of translation and interpretation services